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Qualified nurses who can cater to your medical needs.
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To contribute to your facility’s aim to care and heal patients in our community, our staffing representatives are standing by and ready to help. In providing quality patient care, we have Registered Nurses available, equipped with hands-on training and extensive medical knowledge. They may spend a considerable time providing care and can cope well with stress since their job entails direct involvement with alleviating human suffering and minimizing the impact of emergencies, and other pressures.

Since patients in hospitals or other nursing care facilities require round-the-clock care, our RN’s can work shifts, covering all 24 hours. They are on-call, which means they can be available anytime, even on short notices. Our professional RN’s provide services, such as:

  • Assess patients’ conditions
  • Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms
  • Observe and record patients’ condition
  • Administer patients’ medicines and treatments
  • Set up plans for patients’ care or contribute information to existing plans
  • Collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Operate and monitor medical equipment
  • Help perform diagnostic tests and analyze the results
  • Teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses or injuries
  • Explain what to do at home after treatment

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